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Activity Logs

Weekly Email 12/4/20

• Back and forth calls/text/emails that occur within the same day can be documented in 1 activity log,
but activities that occur on different days should be entered separately. In other words, you cannot
enter two or more days of correspondence in a single activity log; they must be entered on the date
they occurred.

Weekly Email 10/1/20

• Just a reminder to be sure to add an activity log clearly indicating a copy of the signed Bridges Plan
was provided to the Participant. The requirement to send a copy of the signed plan to Participant is
seven (7) calendar days after they signed it.
o Also, proper coding of activity logs is essential. There are resources on the Portal to help guide
you through the proper coding. Refer to Activity Log Coding Guide for notes needed to
document visits outside of the home, court hearings, email correspondence and text
correspondence. The Case Closure Template, Monthly Home Visit Template, Supervisor
Activity Log Template and the Case Transfer Template all provide specific guidance for those

Weekly Email 8/26/20

• As a reminder -- verbal signatures is the option of last resort and is part of the COVID Flexibility only.
Additionally, if not reviewing these documents in person, then the Liaison/Supervisor needs to call
the young adult and review with them. Simply sending a text message asking if they understand
them is not sufficient. I understand we are working with a text generation, but reviewing an
application for a State program and the document that puts someone in the Care and Placement of
the State requires a conversation to ensure understanding.

Weekly Email 8/20/20

• Activity logs need to be detailed and must have the creator's signature. Time must be taken to
ensure notes are complete and fully detail the event with or on behalf of the Participant.
• Supervisor and Monthly Home visit templates must be used. These tools were developed to ensure
very important case information, dates and follow up actions are not being missed. Taking the time
to complete them fully from month to month is also another great way to become familiar with cases
and any updates for hearings, emergency situations, etc. Not to mentioned, they provide others with
a window into the case should any additional intervention or technical assistance be needed.

Weekly Email 8/7/20

• Some additional Activity Log and Template reminders:
o All Activity Logs need to have the creator signature -- they are not complete without it.
o The Activity Log Template for Monthly Home Visits needs to be used at least monthly and
please ensure the narrative is detailed. See the guide and examples on the Portal for help.
o The Case Closure Summary Template needs to be completed for each closure to ensure all
case closures are done completely and correctly. The Case Closure Template is also on the

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