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Clinically Integrated Health Care Network (CIN)

Helping Our Behavioral Health Providers Remain Competitive

In 2019, members of the Collaborative and leading community behavioral health organizations across Ohio came together to form a Clinically Integrated Health Care Network—a legal structure facilitating collaboration among health care providers with shared goals in performance, quality, and efficiency. The goal of our clinically integrated network is to bring Ohio’s behavioral health providers across the care continuum together to promote best practices in patient experience, population health, and per capita health care costs.

Our health care landscape is undergoing sweeping changes, partially attributable to policy changes such as the shift from fee-for-service to value-based health care reimbursement and Ohio’s behavioral health redesign. Recent legislation such as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 calls for health care organizations to find new ways of addressing cost, quality, and value across systems. Clinical integration is central to confronting these challenges and remain on the cutting edge of health care reform.

Designed with members and patients in mind, the Clinically Integrated Health Network is:

  • Provider-driven

  • Quality-focused

  • Committed to data sharing and performance monitoring

  • Outcomes-based

Embracing the Social Determinants of Health, our collaboration with each other, health plans, health systems, and health information exchanges has produced positive gains for our clients and their communities.  Lately, our clinical goals have focused on improving hospitalization follow-up rates and use of first line psychosocial care to prevent unnecessary drug treatment.  We have achieved positive outcomes across HEDIS measures and other social measures including housing and employment.

Embracing a Value-Based Lens of Health Care Reimbursement...

...Because it rewards and incentivizes quality of care instead of simply the volume of services provided. We equip our providers to integrate with primary care, access comprehensive health data of their clients, and are exploring network-wide telehealth solutions to improve access to care.  We have also provided resources to establish same-day access to behavioral health treatment and to strengthen their revenue cycle management.


In 2019, we teamed up with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio to launch our first value-based care program. This demonstration program achieved positive results, particularly through our approach to hospitalization follow up, and is now in its third performance year. The experience we gained by developing and implementing this program equipped us to find new ways to partner with health plans.  During 2020, we commenced a collaboration with CareSource to improve services for children and young adults with behavioral health conditions.  This work also culiminated in a launch of a new Respite Care program for CareSource members which started in 2021.  Gearing up for 2022, we are poised to commence partnerships with all Medicaid health plans in Ohio!

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Health Care Network Director

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