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Case Transfers

Weekly Email 11/25/20

• It is the transferring agency's responsibility to ensure all aspects of the SACWIS and
paper case files are up-to-date and accurate. This includes eligibility documentation. It is best
practice for the gaining agency to review the case file to ensure it is complete and to consult with the
transferring agency if there are any questions about the Participant or discrepancies in the case
file(s). Some issues were discovered during the recent BCAT audits of discrepancies that occurred
prior to the case transfer. Those discrepancies will be attributed to the transferring agency's audit
results. It is also vitally important to review all eligibility paper work to ensure there are no concerns
prior to transferring the case; gaining agencies should be sure to conduct their own audit as well.

Weekly Email 11/19/20

• Just a continued reminder to keep eligibility documentation at the top of your priority lists.
Documentation must be received and reviewed monthly. Again, please be on the lookout for
documentation that may be fraudulent as we are seeing an uptick. Please reach out to schools,
employers, etc., to verify if you suspect something is not right with the documentation received.

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