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COVID-19 Resources and Guidance

Weekly Email 12/11/20

• When eligibility is impacted by COVID, official documentation is required to support that impact such
as a layoff, reduction of hours or early school closure with no alternative education being offered.
Documentation should be routinely updated.
• As COVID numbers rise, we all need to be vigilant about curfews, shutdowns and/or other closures
impacting our Participants. Again, all COVID flexibilities are still in place, but we need the
documentation to support any negative impacts. Everyone did a great job in the early days of COVID
with documentation and supporting Participants through the difficult times.
o We are continuing to track COVID health and eligibility issues; please let your Regional
Coordinators know of staff and/or Participants experiencing a COVID impact.

Weekly Email 12/4/20

• Be extraordinarily safe and vigilant as we navigate through our days. Virtual visits with Participants
are certainly a preferred means of contact unless something requires and in person or face-to-face
visit. When these need to be done it is expected that you will practice social distancing and wear
personal protective equipment (PPE).
•If you or a Participant are exposed or test positive for COVID, please follow the Agency Response
protocols found on the Portal and let your Regional Coordinator know ASAP.
•The COVID flexibility remains in place, but only applies when there is a direct COVID impact to
meeting the minimum eligibility requirements. Documentation must be received verifying the
COVID impact. Simply taking the young adult’s word for it is not sufficient.

Weekly Email 11/25/20

• Reminder that service providers need to closely read and follow Agency Response Guidelines when a
staff member or Participant has experienced a COVID impact; either health or eligibility. The
guideline can be found on the Portal.

Weekly Email 11/19/20

• I am sure you are all aware of the rising COVID-19 numbers leading to state officials to publish
additional restrictions and advisories meant to slow the spread of the virus. At this point, all COVID
flexibilities granted by ODJFS are still in effect. This means that you all have the ability to conduct
face to face visits virtually via a video platform that works for both you and your Participants.
Remember to use the following statement for your activity logs when visits are conducted virtually
"Relative to COVID-19, this face-to-face visit was conducted via videoconference". Keep in mind that
in the case of an emergency, an actual face to face visit may still need to occur.

• As of now, there should still be minimal impact to Participant eligibility. However, the same
flexibilities still apply if a Participant's eligibility is substantiated to have been negatively impacted
COVID. A document provided by their employer, school, program to reduce barriers or a medical
professional attesting to the impact is needed. Please be sure to keep your Regional Coordinator up-
to-date with this information.
Other reminders:
o Ensure you have updated contact in SACWIS and are checking in very regularly
with Participants experiencing an impact to monitor their well-being
o Critical Incident Reports must be completed for Participants testing positive or
reporting exposure as well as following the other Agency Response guidelines
o If needed, help to secure food and/or other provisions
o Assisting Participants in getting personal protective equipment and understanding
safety precautions such as social distancing and washing hands
o Keep in mind there may be fluctuations in a Participant's financial needs; this
should be explored when budgeting

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