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Additional Stimulus Funds for Bridges Participants

Chafee Funds

$4500 of Chafee funds will be disbursed to all young adults who have aged out of Bridges due to the end of COVID flexibilities on September 30, 2021 in two installments.

  • The first installment of $2250 will be disbursed in October 2021 by your former provider agency. Please ensure that your Bridges Liaison has accurate banking information.

  • The second installment of $2250 will be disbursed in January 2022 by the Child and Family Health Collaborative of Ohio.


Click here to complete a short survey to receive your funds.

*A valid email address is required to receive your second installment of Chafee funds.*


If you do not have a valid email address, please set one up before you complete the survey.

  • Confirmation will be sent in November/December to the phone number and email provided in the survey to receive your second installment. Please make sure you are monitoring both forms of communication.


These funds are flexible in how you use them but are provided with the intent of helping with additional expenses such as housing, transportation and other basic needs. For additional questions please call the Bridges Hotline at 1-866-503-1985 or email

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