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HHS Phase 3 Provider Relief Funds Available

HHS has recently announced the opening of a new $20 Billon Phase 3 Provider Relief Portal. As of Monday, October 5, the application portal for this funding is now open. The deadline to apply is Friday, November 6. In the HHS announcement, which emphasizes the importance of mental health and substance abuse providers, they urge you to apply early.

One key thing to note – you may be eligible to apply even if you were deemed ineligible before. You are eligible for the new funding even if you previously received, rejected, or accepted a General Distribution Provider Relief Fund payment. If you have already received payments of approximately 2% of annual revenue from patient care, you may submit more information to become eligible for an additional payment. HHS will make up the difference if you have yet to receive this amount in previous distributions. If you were previously ineligible because you are a new provider, you are also invited to apply. Lastly, HHS stated that an expanded group of behavioral health providers confronting the emergence of increased mental health and substance use issues exacerbated by the pandemic will also be eligible for relief payments.


Note: You will need to submit a new application, even if you previously submitted revenue details for a prior PRF distribution; the application has been updated to include some additional data entries in order to calculate payment based on financial impact of COVID-19.

For more information, HHS Provider Relief Fund FAQs can be viewed here.


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