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Ohio Medicaid Releases New Vision for Managed Care and Multi-System Youth

Last February, the Ohio Department of Medicaid released their vision for our state’s next Medicaid managed care structure. Their vision, included in their second public Request for Information (RFI), calls for a more person-centered approach to health care. Three of the significant parts of their vision include:

  • Hiring an administrative services organization (ASO) to manage a community behavioral health Medicaid program for multi-system children and adolescents. 

  • Empowering local or regional organizations to provide “care management” for Medicaid enrollees, including the kids served by the ASO.

  • Establishing greater standardization and centralization of Medicaid administration, including payment administration, credentialing, and prior authorization forms.

In a recent presentation, the Department of Medicaid further explained their vision for the ASO structure and, more generally, in meeting the needs of multi system youth. The graphic above was used in the presentation to explain the potential structure the new Medicaid program.

The Ohio Children’s Alliance will submit written feedback to ODM RFI later today. A statewide coalition that we actively participate issued a statement a couple of weeks ago expressing support for the Administration’s new direction of managed care.


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