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Building Resilience Through Partnerships: A Cross Systems Approach

October 7th @ 44th Annual Conference, Sarah Buffie, MSW, Soul Bird Consulting will host this workshop with Kimi Remenyi, Behavior Support Supervisor and Human Rights Committee Chairperson, Hamilton County DD Services, and Lori Watkins, Director, Behavioral Health Services, Clermont County Board of DD.

This workshop session will highlight the absolute importance of working together, within our communities, to help heal youth survivors of trauma and enrich their lived experiences in the future. It will emphasize the fact that a cross systems approach is the critical component that results in successful goal achievement. Drawing on the idea of a community of care, this session will demonstrate that each system serves a purpose that is valuable and worthy. The presenters will discuss the Resilience Model, which embodies these concepts; this includes a discussion about how trauma resolution is deeply personal and based on the individuals and team’s path to recovery. The purpose of the Resilience Model is to help children and young adults ages 8-24 who have experienced adverse childhood experiences.

The Resilience Model includes partnerships among local and statewide agencies in conjunction with partnerships with biological and foster families. These partnerships provide the survivor and their caregivers the support they need to get strong, stay strong, and live their best lives. Participants will leave with an understanding that successful supports are the result of systems that are supportive of one another as well.

Sarah Buffie has her Masters in Social Work from Northern Kentucky University with a focus in trauma, positive psychology, and mindfulness; is a previous Americorps volunteer service member, and lived abroad during Peace Corps service in Namibia, Africa.

Sarah believes that nothing has the power to heal like supportive relationships. Specializing in trauma responsive care, she helps organizations and individuals disrupt current models of thinking by building empathy and understanding around the effects of trauma. Sarah has worked in community organizing for over a decade. Her focus is to spread awareness about how trauma affects the brain and body, and teach effective approaches for developing resilience within the people organizations strive to serve, and the people closest to the work: caregivers and direct providers

Soul Bird Consulting, Trauma is Real, Together We Can Heal -- With our diverse background and skill set, we are able to support your learning and growth. Whether that is incorporating trauma-responsive care into your organization, or exploring how personal biases translate to inequitable systems and outcomes, the Soul Bird team offers a diverse set of modalities and trainings.


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